Lifelong LLM216 Electric Foot Spa Massager Machine




Lifelong LLM216 Electric Foot Spa Massager Machine BUY NOW

  • Manual Rollers: The foot spa massager comes with 8 manual rollers to improve blood circulation, offers bubble massage and infrared water heating relieve fatigue and stress , Temperature Control : Yes
  • Built-in Water Heating: Through the in-built water heating technology, temperature of the water can be set from 35 to 48 degree Celsius. Water gets heated in 10 minutes
  • Product Dimensions: Length= 42 cm; Breadth= 36 cm; Height= 27 cm
  • Digital Panel: Many functions like bubble massage, heating and timer for the foot spa can be controlled with the digital panel which is a part of the machine
  • No Slip Handle: The foot spa massager has a no-slip handle for easy movement making it easier to change the water
  • Drain Pipe: Once the foot spa procedure has been completed, the water can be drained from the machine through the drain pipe which is attached at the back of the machine
  • Stylish Design: It has a stylish and elegant appearance making it perfect for personal use or as gifts for others
  • Warranty: 1-year brand warranty with an extended warranty of 6 months when registering on the manufacturer’s web site within 15 days of purchase
  • Product description

    Lifelong foot Spa massager machine is artistically designed with 8 rollers to provide you instant comfort, the heat and bubble massage will give you the feeling of sauna bath along with bubbles, heating function and extra space you will also get 8 rollers which are designed to work like a callus remover. These rollers are strong enough to handle any weight. This foot spa tub’s heating technology is quick and effective, giving you hot water within few minutes. You can control the heat and bubble features using the digital panel which is installed in the front of the machine. Timer button is also installed on the panel.Package Content: 1 Massager, Warranty Card, User Manual

    Lifelong LLM216 Electric Foot Spa Massager Machine BUY NOW


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